Foreclosure Timetable

Non-Judicial Foreclosure Trustee Service Timetable

  1. Notice of Default (NOD) Recorcded - One day in County, 2-3 days for the balance of California
  2. NOD mailed to Beneficiary, Trustor, and other parties of Record - 10  working days
  3. NOD mailed to additional Parties of Interest - 30 working  days
  4. Progress Report and Authorization of Publish mailed to Beneficiary - 70 days
  5. Sale Date Set, Notice of Trustee's Sale (NOTS) Published, mailed and posted - 3 months plus one day
  6. Request for opening bid - 4 weeks before Sale Date
  7. Public Auction - 4 months plus 1 week

Trustee Foreclosure Services

For Questions and a brief list of core Trustee Sale Foreclosure Services EFC provides, please see our About Us page.

Trustee Foreclosure Check List

This list provides you with a rundown of the steps you will need to take before, during, and after the foreclosure. For more information, please use the form on the Contact EFC Page or call (209) 463-1921.

California Communities Served

Equity Forclosure Company's Certified Trustees serve Properties located in the State of California

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